July 2014

Never say, "Gee, are somebody's socks burning?" while the cook is preparing your dinner.

~ Patrick F. McManus in Kid Camping from Aaaaiii! to Zip

Preparing to barbeque

Weiner Chef

McManus Camp has settled in for another sizzling July. Pat and I love our hot, dry Spokane summers, but poor Bun wilts.  That's why Pat has taken over the job of camp cook.  If it is cooked over some kind of flame, he figures it is camp cooking, even if it is in the backyard.  His specialty is weiners.

Pat has officially retired, so he only writes Pat Online when he wants to.  This month he is too busy roasting weiners to mess with writing, so I am running his introduction and the first definition (Aaaaiii!) from his one and only children's book, Kid Camping from Aaaaiii! to Zip, which came out way back in 1978. Pat has never considered himself a children's writer, but many of his biggest fans over the years have been children, which he finds very gratifying.

Everyone in the McManus family knows that if you really want to know what is going on, you talk to Bun.  She keeps us all on track and organized.  That is why I enjoy Bun's Blog every month so I can find out the latest news!  And she's a pretty good cook, too!  Her salad recipe this month is one of my favorites.

We have lots of copies of Circles in the Snow (1st edition hard-covers) in our store right now and more Tamarack Murders have come in if you are behind in your Bo Tully mysteries.  The rest of our stock of humor books is pretty hit and miss.  We post them when we have them and they go fast.  If you see something posted that you want you should probably order sooner than later because we are not getting in anymore big shipments, as we wind down for our January 2015 closing. 

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July celebrating our independance!

Kelly, the web-daughter