September 2014

Grouse Creek

[Pat at Grouse Creek, Idaho.  One of his favorite fishing streams. August 2014.]

Sand Creek

Most of the fallen trees are gone, the electricity is back on, and McManus Camp is back online.  It was a crazy few weeks around here, but things finally settled down just in time for numerous August birthday celebrations (yes, Pat is 81!) and exploring two of Pat's favorite creeks in North Idaho. 

[Pat at Sand Creek. August 2014]

Well, technically Sand Creek is a crick.  It flows behind the old family homestead.  I wonder if anyone has ever pulled the old, rusted Model T's out of it.  We didn't seen any ancient cars, but the clay banks and quick-sand beaches haven't changed a bit.

McManus LnWe even stopped by "McManus Lane" (which used to be the rutted, dirt road past The Big Tree to Grandma's house.  Dad agreed to a picture by the street sign because it looks like it is on its last legs.  I must say it looks like the kind of street sign we'd have!

Just down the road from this crooked sign is the old woodlot where Pat perfected his dating technique, which he shares in a new Pat Online this month.  Bun has been deluged with cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, and birthday parties this month, which she writes about on Bun's Blog.  Anybody got any good kale recipes???

We are plugging away at McManus Store.  We have all the current books in stock in hardcover right now.  We post other odds and ends when we find them as we clear out inventory for our closing at the end of the year.  And, of course, we always have our favorite Rancid hats!