August 2014

This is the road to Pat and Bun's house...

Trees across road

We have had two wind storms in the past week that have toppled pine trees everywhere in North Spokane.  We have never seen anything like it in the 5o years we have been in this area.  Pat and Bun camped out in their house for 4 days without electricity, cable, or Internet.  They just got everything back on when Storm #2 blew through and knocked everything out again. 

We have all decided that this is a sign we are supposed to take August off while we dig out from under trees and power lines.  Pat and Bun and their house were not harmed as only one tree broke off in their back yard, narrowly missing the house. Many of their neighbors were not were not so fortunate as you can see from the pictures. 

We will be back with new blogs in September and our bookstore will remain open this month. 

Keep cool!

Kelly, the web-daughter


[A neighbor's house, August 2014.]

Trees on house

[ The house across the street from Pat and Bun's, which was fortunately vacant because it had just been sold. August 2014]