November 2014

Now you must try to visualize this next part, as I myself had to do in reconstructing the scene of the crime.  Strange is slurping up--"yowp gobble glub urp slurp choke glub" his massive serving of turkey gravy, augmented with other Thanksgiving edibles.  Finished, he is booted out into the cold by Gram. Shortly thereafter, he begins to inflate.

~Patrick F. McManus in Silent but Deadly (Kerplunk)

Japanese Gardens

[Pat on a recent visit to the Japanese Garden at Manito Park, here in Spokane. Photo by Bun, 2014.]

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and I am thankful for laughter.  I grew up listening to my dad's stories almost every night as we sat around the kitchen table after supper. It is one of my favorite memories from childhood, albeit I'm sure it is also responsible for my rather warped sense of humor. This Thanksgiving I am instigating a new tradition following our annual turkey feast.  I am going to gather the grandkids and their parents around the table and read them their grandpa's serious discourse on dog flatulence (Silent but Deadly, in his book Kerplunk).  This has long been one of my all-time favorite stories, and I was once again laughing out loud as I prepared the quote for this website. I sincerely believe this will become an annual Thanksgiving tradition ...if I am ever invited back again. 

McManus Store is winding down for our closing the end of December. We have sold out of Horse in My Garage, but we still have hardcover covers of Circles in the Snow and Tamarack Murders.  We post other odds and ends when we find them, but they go fast so if you see something--grab it! Of course, we always have our favorite Rancid hats, which make great Christmas gifts for just about anybody.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you laugh yourself silly with your loved ones!

Kelly, the web-daughter