Pat Online ~ October 2014



(Editor’s note:  Pat gets many letters so he has chosen to answer some of the frequent questions in this way.)

Dear Nancie,
No, I don’t plan on starting a new series, but thank you for asking.  Still, it’s always possible.  Maybe suddenly I will have all kinds of energy I don’t know what to do with.
Best, Pat

Dear Tom,
You’re right, I should have brought in Dave the Indian into Circles in the Snow.  I’m getting old, my memory is fading, and I have a thousand characters milling around in the dark forests of my mind. I do appreciate your mentioning Dave, though.
Best, Pat

Dear Don,
I’m afraid Dave didn’t get his reservation.  These characters are terribly hard to keep track of.  They go off on their own and I never know what they’re up to behind my back.  It can be worrisome.

 I have lost track of Crazy Eddie.  The last I knew of him, he had taken up ranching in Washington State, the north central part, I believe.  Twenty years ago, I was doing a book tour through Wyoming and his sister, Margaret, came in to a book signing.  That was the last I’ve heard of Jack, Eddie’s actual name.  Jack was responsible for most of my early adventures.  He was always an action kind of guy and not one given to book-reading.  He probably never knew he had become famous in my stories.
Best, Pat

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                             Profile painting of Pat by Boots Reynolds.